Tinos is one of the largest

of the Cyclades islands in Greece. It is a lovely island, very mountainous, with terraces and remote villages in the mountains and a coastline full of beautiful beaches. Tinos is undeveloped, the island was controlled by the Venetians for 500 years. It is an important religious site for the Greeks, despite being little tourism for foreigners, the island is filled with Greeks in particular, March 25th and August 15th. Kionia is a beautfiul beach resort outside Tinos Town. There are ferries from Rafina (near Athens) and Thessaloniki. There are also the inter-islands ferries.

What to see in Tinos – Tinos Town; Kechrovouni Monastery; Volax; Pirgos; Panormos Bay; Evangellistria Church; Exobourgo; Valley of Pigeon Houses;

Transports in Tinos

By boat – There are ferries to/from Athens port of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio. Times and tickets here.

Maps of Tinos

Map of Tinos Greece

Map of Tinos

Where is Tinos on Cyclades Islands Map

Tinos on Cyclades Islands Map

Where is Tinos on Greece Map

Tinos on Greece Map