Top left – Acropolis; top right – Mount Lycabettus; Down left – Hellenic Parliament; Down right – Parthenon

This legendary city got its name

from the goddess of wisdom, Athena. With more than 3000 years, Athens was the first democratic state in the world. Known as the “Cradle of Civilization”, has a culture, history and art that influenced other cultures. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were important philosophers in Athens. The first impression of the city, is rarely positive, the dirty streets and traffic hell do not erase the history of Athens that deserves to be explored and understood. From the center of Athens, the city’s main square, Syntagma, the adventure begins by centuries of history and culture. The narrow winding streets of the Plaka district show the most enchanting, is near a recreation area called Monastiraki culminating in a square with a beautiful church. The highest point in the history of Athens is the Acropolis. In the most famous hill town, lies the most important monument of Greece, the Parthenon. There are other important monuments on the Acropolis to explore as the Dionysus Theatre. Do not miss the National Archaelogical Museum, the Roman Agora, the Zeus Temple and the area of Piraeus, which is the largest port in Europe, from where many ferries to the various Greek islands. Located in the suburbs of Athens, Piraeus is an independent city. The Temple of Poseidon, 70 km (44 mi) from Athens can also be visited. It’s worthy a small tour around Athens and visit Lake Marathon and Cape Sounio. Hotels in Athens

What to visit in Athens: Acropolis; Ancient Agora; National Archaeological Museum; Museum of Cycladic Art; Benaki Museum; Plaka; Monastiraki; Byzantine Museum; Temple of Olympian Zeus; Filopappos Hill; Parthenon; Dyonisius Theatre; Syntagma Square; New Acropolis Museum; Central Market; Piraeus; Academy of Athens; Mount Lycabettus; Hellenic Parliament;

Transports in Athens

Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (ATH) – There are flights to/from the main European capitals

Airport Transfer

Metro – Tickets to the centre costs 8 € (or 14 € if you return in less than 48 hours). The Metro takes 40 minutes from airport to Syntagma Square.

Suburban Railway – The ticket cost 6 €

Bus – The tickets costs 5 € and the journeys take usually about 45-60 minutes. X92 to Kifissia, X93 to Kifissos Coach Station, X94 to Ethniki Amyna Metro Station, X95 to Syntagma Square, X96 to Piraeus and X97 to Dafni Metro Station.

Taxi – 35 € day and 50 € night. Ask if the price includes the price of toll.

By Train – There are trains to/from other Greek cities like Thessaloniki.

By Bus – There are buses to/from other Greek cities and also some international routes.

By Boat – The port of Piraeus has ferries connections to many Greek islands. Several companies operates there.

Prices of Public Transports of Athens

Athens transport prices list

Athens transport prices

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Map Metro Athens

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